Malicious Prosecution
Administrative and Constitutional Law

Our Lawyers have successfully handled cases relating to constitutional matters before the Supreme Court of Cyprus. They have had great exposure to the Judicial Review procedure.

The Supreme Constitutional Court (now the Supreme Court) has exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate, finally, if there is a complaint that a decision, act or omission of any organ, authority, or person exercising any executive or administrative authority is contrary to any of the provisions of the Constitution or of any law or is made in excess or abuse of power.  This procedure is a manifestation of the principles of equality, fairness and natural justice which are of paramount significance in most societies. It imposes on the administration, equal or uniform treatment of all the citizens under the same or similar circumstances.  Administrative organs have a duty to exercise their discretionary powers in harmony with the concept of justice so that the application of the relevant provisions of the law in each particular case avoids harsh and unjust solutions.

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