Malicious Prosecution
Banking, Investment and Financial Management
  • Formation and incorporation of Investment Funds;
  • Assisting on the licensing of Investment Firms in Cyprus;
  • Negotiating the restructuring of Loans;
  • Representing clients to the Court on banking or financial issues;
  • Advising clients on banking law framework applying in Cyprus;
  • Establish and managing banking relations in Cyprus and abroad;
  • Evaluating and negotiating loan or other financial agreements with the client’s bank, including charges;
  • Acting as signatory on client’s bank accounts;
  • Monitoring the proper execution of transactions by the banks;
  • Advising clients and analyzing on the various investment products offered by private banks;
  • Advising clients on potential investments in Money Markets and Capital Markets;
  • Advising on funding strategies, on cash and liquidity management;
  • Designing and assisting client to implement investment plans and strategies;
  • Company valuation and pricing of investment products;
Advocates and Legal Consultants | Cyprus