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Cyprus International Business Company


Cyprus Offshore Company” is no longer an approved term since the changes effected to the domestic laws in 2003. “Cyprus International Business Company” (IBC) is the term which now describes the company with foreign interests.

In addition to the aforementioned “basic applications”, the Cyprus International Business Company offers many considerable benefits to the foreign investor, the businessman or the entrepreneur:

logo-miniA non-resident company is taxed only for its income generated in Cyprus.

logo-miniLow corporate tax (10%), the lowest standard rate within the EU

logo-miniStable and secure business environment

logo-miniApplication of EU directives

logo-miniNo tax on profits from trading in securities

logo-miniThe foreign member of the company does not pay any tax on dividends

logo-miniTax-relief is allowed for foreign tax suffered irrespective of the absence of a double tax treaty

logo-miniLosses are carried forward indefinitely

logo-miniGroup relief for tax losses is permissible, thus allowing losses of one company to be set off against the profits of another company in the group

logo-miniA long list of double-tax treaties (more than 40)

logo-miniHighly qualified personnel

logo-miniCyprus is a Business Centre in the crossroad of three continents, including the emerging markets of Middle and Far East

logo-miniModern and advanced telecommunications network.



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