Malicious Prosecution

With relation to the Employment sector, we provide the following services, amongst others:

  • Drafting of Employment Contracts and employment policies;
  • Advising on all aspect of Employment Law, including on employments issues on mergers, acquisitions and business transfers, on issues of equality and equal treatment in the employment between men and women, on discrimination or sexual harassment at work, on redundancy issues, on maternity and paternity labour issues, on the legal implications on employment termination etc.;
  • Mediating for resolving disputes between employers and employees.
  • Representing employers and employees to Court proceedings;
  • Registration of Pension Schemes;
  • Advising on issues of Social Insurance;
  • Liaising with the Trade Unions and the Department of Labour Relations for resolving disputes between employers and employees;
  • Arranging work and residence permits to foreign employees;
  • Arranging the registration of Foreign Interest Undertakings to the Migration Department which allows the acceleration of the issuance of work permits to foreign employees.
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