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With relation to the Immigration sector, we provide the following services, amongst others:

  • Undertaking all the requisite procedures for the Naturalization of Investors in Cyprus by Exception, under the relevant Scheme, as has been renewed by the Council of Ministers decision of 13th September 2016, including the following:
    • Guiding and advising the Client throughout the process and especially with relation to the context and admissibility of the documents;
    • Reviewing and compiling all the documents that must be provided to us by the Client;
    • Drafting of the letter/application which is required to be submitted to the Ministry of Interiors and the Ministry of Finance;
    • Visiting the Ministry of Interiors for the submission of the letter/application together with all supporting documentation;
    • Liaising with the Ministries and relevant Cyprus authorities throughout the procedure up until the approval of the application by the Council of Ministers and putting pressure for more expedite processing of the application;
    • Opening of a bank account(s) in the name of the Client if required;
    • Drafting of and/or reviewing any sale and purchase agreements for property(ies) that the Client will acquire.
    • Assisting the Client with the acquisition of the property(ies) and negotiating with developers or sellers in that respect.
  • Undertaking all the necessary procedures to secure the issuance of Permanent Residency of our clients in Cyprus, both under the normal (Categories E and F) and the accelerated procedures (Regulation 6(2)) including:
    • Arranging various viewings of properties for the client either before or upon his/her arrival
    • Drafting of and/or reviewing any sale and purchase agreements for property(ies) that the Client will acquire.
    • Examining the legal and physical characteristics of the property;
    • Check developing company’s existence and listing information, such as incorporation date, registered office, company no., status etc, and credit report.
    • Conduct a search at the land registry to make sure that the property is free from charges or burdens, and that they have planning and building permits, etc.
    • Preparation and submission of an application to the Council of Ministers under Cap. 109 (Law on the Acquisition of Immovable Property by Third Country Nationals);
    • Representation of the client at the Land Registry Office to deposit the purchase contract for specific performance purposes and/or to transfer and register the property under the Client’s name.
    • Acting as an Escrow Agent for the purposes of the sale agreement between the Client and the Developer, whereby the Law Firm shall keep the purchase price in escrow until the transfer and registration of the title deed into the name of the Client;
    • Reviewing, advising, compiling and/or assisting on the securing of the documents required to be submitted to the Migration Department along with the application for the issue of a Permanent Residency Permit;
    • Liaising with the authorities at all stages of the procedure for the issuance of the PR permit;
    • Opening of a bank account with a Cypriot Bank (where required);
    • Arrange medical, home and/or other requested insurance policies;
    • Assist  the client in arranging meetings with various schools principals to discuss possible admission of their children and generally assisting in settling down in Cyprus;
  • Issuance of all kinds of visitors permits and liaising with the Cyprus Embassies in foreign countries in that respect;
  • Arranging the registration of Foreign Interest Undertakings to the Migration Department which allows the acceleration of the issuance of work permits to foreign employees.
  • Arranging work and residence permits to foreign employees under any Category;
  • Registration of EU citizens at the Immigration Department;
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