Malicious Prosecution
Permanent Residency under Category “F”

An application for a permanent residency under category “F”, refers to people with permission to stay in Cyprus only, with no permission to be employed though.

The following documents are required:

logo-miniCopy of Passport (s)

logo-miniPink Slip (s)

logo-miniAlien Book (s)

logo-miniOriginal bank statements, signed and stamped by the bank

logo-miniSecure Income/Investments

logo-miniSales or Lease Agreement for property bought or title

logo-miniMarriage Certificate

logo-miniBirth Certificate

logo-miniBirth Certificate for children

logo-miniSchool Certificate

logo-miniComplete the attached Form, M.67

The Migration Department would like to stress the meaning of Point 5 (Secure Income/Investments), so that applicants include the correct type of information to let the approval procedure run more smoothly.

“Secured Income” means income that is derived from pensions, dividends from investments, interest from bank accounts and any other form of income that is not based on the applicant’s employment income or any donations from children or family; these are considered to be a form of unsteady income. In the case of bank deposits, or investments, only the income derived from such investment is accounted for as “secured income”, and not the amount invested or deposited.

The minimum amount of income which is accepted by the Migration Department is €9.568 for the applicant, and a further €4.613 for each member of the family, etc, children, wife/husband.

Our Law Firm would like to inform applicants that during the approval procedure, the Migration Department gives great emphasis on the Secured Income and Investments of each applicant, thus the higher a secured income, the higher the possibilities of being approved. Furthermore, the Migration Department requires proof from each and every applicant regarding their Secured Incomes and Investments, which are investigated thoroughly in concern to their authenticity. 

The Migration Department holds a board meeting twice a year to view and consider each application.  If approved, the fees to be paid will be €118,64.


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