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Temporary Residence Permit

In order to apply, or renew, a temporary residence permit the following documents are required:

logo-miniComplete form M61B (may be provided by our office).

logo-miniComplete form M64 (may be provided by our office.

logo-miniCopy of Passport pages of the applicant showing the personal details, expiry date, and the stamp of the last arrival in the country.

logo-miniMedical results for Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and C, Syphillis and HIV/AIDS, which need to be certified by the Cyprus Governmental Hospital.

logo-miniOriginal Bank Statements showing deposits in and out of Cyprus stamped and signed by the bank.

logo-miniBank guarantee for ( €350 – €850)

logo-miniMedical Insurance, covering inpatient and outpatient hospital treatment, and also in case of death, transportation expenses.

logo-miniTranslated Marriage Certificate, apostiled  (if applicable)

logo-miniTranslated Birth certificate for children, apostiled  (if applicable)

logo-mini4 photos for registration (first application), 1 photo for renewal

logo-miniThe fees are €68.34 for registration (first application) and €34.17 for renewal.


Please note that the Migration Department of Cyprus requests that all documents which have been issued from a non EU Member Country, are certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the applicant’s Country as well as the Embassy of Cyprus located in that Country, unless it is a member of the Apostil Convention. In this event, the documents must be apostiled.

If the above requirements are fulfilled accordingly, and the permit is approved, the permit will be issued for a period of one year and can be renewed the latest, two months before expiration. Let it be noted, that the approval period, can range from one to two months.

However, in the event of companies incorporated in Cyprus, having foreign interests, provided it is the first time they applied for employment of third country nationals, they must submit their applications at:


One-stop Shop Service,

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism

13-15 Andrea Araouzou Str.

1421 Nicosia, tel. no.: 22-409328


Required Documents:

logo-miniCertificate of Incorporation
logo-miniCertificate of Registered office
logo-miniCertificate of Directors
logo-miniCertificate of Shareholders
logo-miniMemorandum and Articles of Association
logo-miniProfile describing the nature of the Company’s business and details of its operations
logo-miniList with names, full addresses, passport numbers and nationality of the initial shareholders of the applying Company. This is not required by Companies registered in any recognized stock exchange and International Companies which were operating before the change regime and for which the Central Bank of Cyprus possesses all necessary data
logo-miniList of Company’s personnel  (applicants and employees)
logo-miniBank account with the minimum amount of EURO 41.000
logo-miniDomicile deed title of lease agreement or contract of sale and purchase of the officers in Cyprus. If these documents are not available when the application is submitted, then they should be brought to the Civil Registry and Migration Department within three (3) months from the day of the application
logo-miniDeposited amount EURO 170.000 which can be proved by banking and other documents that the direct foreign capital investment amount was brought legally from abroad to Cyprus in the name of the Company to be registered.
In case where the percentage of the foreign participation in the share capital of a company is equal or below the fifty percent (%) of the total share capital, this percentage should represent an amount equal or higher than EURO 170,000 in order for a company to be considered eligible. Applications by companies that deal with offering services or consulting services that invest capital lower that EURO 170,000 will be examined given the fact that the nature of their work does not require a higher capital investment.


If a Company has already applied for employment of third country national, the following documents should be submitted:

logo-miniList of the company’s personnel (applicants and employees)

logo-miniCertificate of company tax clearance issued by the Inland Revenue Department

logo-miniAudited financial movement of company’s accounts for the previous year or an auditor’s report for the company’s viability.


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