Malicious Prosecution
Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Legal representation in any of the Court jurisdictions comprising Cyprus’ judicial system, namely the Supreme Court, District Courts (both Civil and Criminal jurisdiction), Admiralty Court, Family Court, Rent Control Tribunal, Industrial Tribunal, Military Court and Administrative Court. Special reference is made to the below procedures, which shall be seen as broadening the scope of AK’s litigation capabilities rather than limiting same:


  • AK has breadth of experience in any litigation area, comprising multi-party, multi-jurisdictional and complex disputes;
  • We are competent and duly licensed to assist clients pursue their claims and resolve any legal issues through Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures, such as Arbitration and Mediation;
  • Corporate Litigation;
  • Corporate Procedures – litigation which necessitates under the Companies Law and other similar or ancillary Law pertaining to procedural matters of a corporation;
  • Minority shareholder procedures and derivative actions;
  • Issue of liquidation orders;
  • Recognition and Enforcement of foreign judgments in Cyprus;
  • Assisting on the service or execution of foreign judgments in Cyprus;
  • Broad experience on the issue of effective and well-structured interim orders of any type that adequately meet the needs of the client and of the case (including of the type of Mareva Injunctions – freezing of bank accounts, Norwich Pharmacal, Chabra Orders, Anton Piller Orders, Anti-suit injunctions and Gagging Orders);
  • Passing-off Claims;
  • Personal injury and negligence claims, including road accidents and professional negligence;
  • Arrest of Ships.
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