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Property – Real Estate

With relation to the Property – Real Estate sectors, we provide the following services, amongst others:


  • Drafting of sale and purchase agreements of any kind of properties in Cyprus;
  • Drafting of tenancy, lease, license or any other type of agreements relating to the right of possession and/or use of properties in Cyprus;
  • Registration of the sale and purchase agreement to the Land Registry Office for specific performance purposes;
  • Negotiating with developers or other sellers the terms of the property sale and purchase agreement on behalf of the client;
  • Arranging calculation and payment of stamp duty;
  • Advising on tax issues with relation to properties located in Cyprus;
  • Arranging the issuance of the necessary permission that a foreigner may have to obtain from the Council of Ministers pursuant to the relevant Law, before the transfer of the property is processed;
  • Representing the clients to any District Lands Office for securing the transfer of the property unto their name and we undertake all the necessary procedures;
  • Arranging and undertaking the delivery of properties on behalf of the client(s);
  • Assisting, either directly or through associates, the viewing, examination and finding of properties on behalf of our clients;
  • Providing due diligence on properties, including to check if any mortgages, rights, charges, covenants or other encumbrances are registered against the property;
  • Arranging the appointment of real estate agents, valuers, engineers or architects on behalf of the clients;
  • Undertaking the administration of Properties on behalf of clients.
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