Malicious Prosecution

With relation to the Shipping sector, we provide the following services, amongst others:

  • Vessels’ registration under Cyprus flag or in other main jurisdictions, such as Panama, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malta, Bahamas, Greece, Delaware, Gibraltar, Seychelles, Isle of Man, UK, Sierra Leone, Belize, BVI, amongst others;
  • Drafting and registration of mortgages and other charges against ships;
  • Acting as authorized representatives of ships in Cyprus;
  • Representing clients to pursue claims, in rem and/or in personam, originating from  maritime or statutory liens, or any other kind of shipping claims, including but not limited to, personal damage claims, damages occurred by collision of ships, salvage, demurrages, crew claims for unpaid wages, claims for bunkering, breach of charterparties, freight disputes, enforcement of mortgages or other charges, breach of loan agreements, damage to cargo, agency fees etc.;
  • Handling Court procedures for the Arrest and Sale of Ships;
  • General average;
  • Shipping claim adjustments;
  • Problems relating to the employment of officers and crew;
  • Shipping company law and tax issues;
  • Legal advice concerning maritime or shipping issues;
  • Liaison with the Department of Merchant Shipping for the resolution of any issues (our locating in Limassol where the Department of Merchant Shipping is also located, give us the advantage of direct and immediate access);
  • Undertaking all the legal and other procedures with relation to the Yacht Leasing Scheme which allows the payment of very low VAT rate within the EU.
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