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(English) Brexit Plans Put on Ηold Following Supreme Court Ruling

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(English) Real Estate Sales Soar in 2016

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The well promising –but constantly restricted– Cypriot IP Box Regime: the upcoming changes

Admittedly, an attractive regime, widely known as the “IP Box Regime”, relating to the deductibility of the expenses related to the acquisition or development of...

Citizenship by Exception scheme

The Council of Ministers of the Republic, by a decision taken on 13th September 2016, resolved the revision of the existing criteria and requirements for...

Απόφαση Διοικητικού Δικαστηρίου – Easy Power (Cyprus) Ltd v. ΡΑΕΚ

Οι προβλεπόμενες από τους οικείους Νόμους και/ή Κανονισμούς προθεσμίες έκδοσης απόφασης από τη Διοίκηση, πρέπει να τηρούνται. Η απόφαση ενός διοικητικού οργάνου για παγοποίηση εξέτασης...

Revised high-speed policy for third country nationals investing in Cyprus

The Ministry of Interior has recently introduced, with immediate effect as of the 22th of February, 2016, the revised high-speed policy concerning third-country nationals indenting...

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