Why Cyprus


“Building on decades of steady development, underpinned by a formidable reservoir of professional and administrative talent and blessed by one of the sunniest climates in the world, the Republic of Cyprus is becoming known as a place where money works and where things get done.” (Forbes 2005 Investing Guide). 

This meaningful  and very descriptive statement that recognizes the premises on which the Republic of Cyprus has been developed throughout the years, coupled with the citation from the Wall Street Journal of May 2004 whereat our country is described as a place that “offers a strategic location, favourable tax environment, educated work force, excellent telecommunications, modern banking and legal infrastructure which make the country the perfect business bridge for the European Union and the Middle East”, offer a brief but at the same time very comprehensive outline to the prospective foreign investor, describing the main reasons for investing in the Republic of Cyprus.

“Votes of confidence” for Cyprus monetary system have been recently given by numerous and well-known agents, forums and financial journals globally;

World Economic Forum, Competitiveness Index, 2012-2013:

“In 2012-2013, Cyprus ranks 58th among 144 economies compared to the previous year, where ranked 47th among 142 economies.”

 The Heritage Foundation and “The Wall Street Journal”, 2013 Index of Economic Freedom:

“According to the index of economic freedom, the economy of Cyprus is 69.0 percent free, which makes it the world’s 41st freest economy.”


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