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Our Values

Our Ethos

We pride ourselves in helping clients achieve the best and correct possible outcome for their case.

For us “TRUST” is a cornerstone; a value which accompanies our team members in each and every transaction while servicing our clients and is literally embedded in our firm’s business environment. To us, “TRUST” is of utmost value and lays the healthiest foundations for an enduring relationship based on confidence and respect with our clients, partners and associates. It is part of our firm’s cultural, a constituent element of all our thoughts, intentions, actions and communications. This is what makes us different from other law firms. It is OUR VALUE.

A dedicated team

It’s true, we are a law firm, but behind the glass doors and the nice suits, we are people like you.

So, we are more than just problem solvers. With us you will get more than just a knowledgeable legal expert working on your case.

Our people work in a collaborative and friendly environment, where everybody is equal, with different responsibilities. Everybody acknowledges and strives for the same goals; to provide our clients with cost-effective, innovative, effective and pragmatic legal services, always with utmost consideration and prudence. We are a family of young, dedicated, talented and hard-working individuals with valuable legal insight.

Confidential and trustworthy 

Every relationship should be based on confidentiality, honesty and integrity. Especially when the personal or business interests of a client are at stake.

At A.K. we are committed to shielding your interests with certainty and assurance.

It is a principle within our law firm that we will be honest with our clients and we will advise on the true merits of each case first.

While we grow, we remain sharply attuned to our core values which define and determine our professional character and friendly business relationships with clients, partners and associates and which are there to sustain and leverage our success.

Innovating & expanding 

Our unwavering commitment to excellence of advice and services is at the core of our business culture.

As a firm we are forward looking and market driven. Seeking out and investing in new areas to develop.

You will benefit from the strategic legal assistance and support that only a growing team of lawyers with an array of practice specialties can provide.

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