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Well, that’s the question I had fifteen years ago before I immigrated to Cyprus from England, and these are some of the facts that I have gathered while living here which I would like to share with you and may help you answer the question above!!!

Cyprus is the third largest Island in the Mediterranean Sea, filled with layers of historical adventures throughout the centuries, and is one of the oldest and ancient Islands recorded in the world with 11,000 years of history.

It is a safe destination, very well located close to the Middle East and is a crossroad of Europe, Asia and Africa, and I would simply say,  “It is a meeting place for all civilizations from different cultures”. Cyprus is considered as one of the most important  telecommunication  hubs in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East Region,  which is well connected via sea, air and telecommunications, with a population of about  862,000.

I would personally mark Cyprus favorably for its top quality of lifestyle, including high income, high standard of education, health facilities,  security, climate, political stability, not forgetting the very high standard of professionals,  which include, lawyers, accountants, auditors, service providers, also,  gender equality, and family and community life.

Cyprus has been indicated by the International Crime Statistics, as one of the countries with the lowest crime rate in the world. This has also become a very important point for many families, especially with young children, to make the decision to Immigrate to Cyprus, for a safer, peaceful life for the whole family.

The above characteristics along with over 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, gives an interested party, a pre-advantage of the cosmopolitan life of the country, not only for tourists because of  the sunny climate throughout the year, but also  attracts promising investors who are seeking for opportunities in the solar energy, as Cyprus has a very business friendly environment.

Cyprus has a very strong incentive to foreign investors due to its very attractive low tax regime, ranked as the lowest in the EU, which has flattered many companies from foreign jurisdictions to enjoy.

Due to Cyprus’s gateway into the European Union, we are seeing more immigrants either applying for a Permanent Residency, or even Citizenship,  as they can still work from Cyprus through the internet and run their businesses overseas and having the advantages of an EU citizen, especially if they are from a third country.

Apart from the various amount of Immigrants from different cultures who have already immigrated to Cyprus, the languages which are generally used in everyday life and of course extensively in all businesses, is English and Greek.  A foreigner can very easily get himself around the Island, as 90% of the road signs are in English as well as the restaurants, road signs, local buses and taxis are also available, and also weekly newspapers and also not forgetting to mention the various Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian, Lebanese, German and Arabic restaurants that have been opened and are successfully operating throughout the Island, which are also accompanied with supermarkets with products for all different cultures. We also have nine mosques, situated around the Island in the different towns, which fulfill the religious needs of visitors or Immigrants,  who come from different cultures.

There are 339 public schools and 39 private primary schools and secondary schools,  offering a very high standard of education by very high educated professionals.

Despite the economic crisis which unfortunately occurred last March, 2013, Cyprus has showed its willingness and success to overcome and fulfill all the obligations and measures that were imposed by  Troika in a shorter time frame than expected, which is the reason why  Cyprus has remained a very strong incentive to Foreign Investors,  as it still retains its  potential  for growth and development which will materialize in the very near future. The Cyprus Government and especially the Ministry of Interior, in fact the Migration Department, is very open minded and keen to welcome investors and/or immigrants,  who in turn always receive the necessary support and  advice  required.

I personally feel that this is the correct time for anyone to either Invest or Immigrate to Cyprus as the opportunities that are foreseen in the future are extremely positive for Cyprus and the residents.

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Publish Date: 29 September, 2014
Elena Karitzis Elena was born in England. She obtained her degree from Pitman’s College in Cyprus. After her studies, she started working with Chrysses Demetriades & Co. LLC (Law Firm) in the Shipping Department as a personal assistant ...

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