A scenic journey to the beauty of Cyprus!

A scenic journey to the beauty of Cyprus!

Cyprus: an island ‘blessed’ with sandy shores, crystal-clear waters, magnificent beaches and golden sunsets! A piece of paradise that everyone can enjoy, while tasting its Mediterranean cuisine full of flavors! By visiting the island, you can discover even more idyllic scenes which you and your loved ones can explore. There are numerous fascinating journeys across the country with breathtaking green landscapes, picturesque vineyards and multiple winegrowing areas which you can discover either you live here or you came for holidays.

Cyprus is an ideal place for both adventure lovers and families who seek for unique experiences and views of nature’s best palette. Travel through charming little villages, winding roads and rugged coastlines and enjoy the scent of fresh air and bloomed flowers. The list below provides information of some of the greatest routes and outdoor spots of Cyprus, where you can uncover the beauty of its nature.

Cedar Valley, Paphos forest

Cedar Valley is a truly visual treat. Surrounded by lofty mountains and pine trees, the valley is the perfect location to enjoy tranquility, magnificent landscapes, wildlife and panoramic views. Located in Paphos district, the valley can serve a perfect spot for a quick picnic with friends or family, while its rich and unique beauty can complement your photo album of beautiful places across the world.

Avakas Gorge, Akamas district

One of the island’s most spectacular spots is Avakas Gorge! Located in Akamas breathtaking nature area, Avakas Gorge is a nature’s masterpiece which was created thousands of years ago by a river close to the area. It is nearly a 3-km gorge, covered out of limestone rocks up to 30-meters height and sheer rocks. If you are lucky enough, you may also have the chance to discover the in-danger-of-extinction plant, known as ‘centauria akamantis’, which can be found only in this area. The area is not only a wonder of natural architecture, but also a place rich in wildlife. At Akamas district you can come across many reptiles, hawks, rabbits, owls and foxes.

A note to remember: When visiting, assure you wear suitable shoes. The rocks can be very slippery!

 Winegrowing villages, Limassol-Paphos district

A trip to winegrowing villages of Cyprus can promises to be a gastronomic experience for every wine lover. In stone-wall architecture and picturesque streets in Limassol and Paphos you can find multiple villages where locals are practicing the art of wine tasting and production. Such villages are Vouni, Lofou, Omodos and Koilani, all gorgeous, sun-kissed and full of traditional flavors. 

Tzelefos Bridge, Paphos district

Tzelefos Bridge is a beautiful and captivating Venetian masterpiece located in Paphos district. Dressed in glorious nature, the bridge is the largest stone-bridge ever built in Cyprus which goes over river Diarizos. It stands as one of the most photographed attractions for both tourists and locals. Its rare beauty can magnetize each and every one. Make sure you visit the place at least once and you will fall in love!

Caledonia Falls, Troodos district

Last but not least, Caledonia Falls is a must-seen attraction in Cyprus. If you are attracted from beautiful waterfalls, this place will definitely steal your heart. It is located in the middle of the Caledonia nature trail, next to the village of Platres and Troodos square. When visiting the falls, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a truly dreamy nature scenery, accompanied with the sound of running water and nature’s wildlife. Once been there, take the chance to relax and enjoy a nice picnic.

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