Banking, Investment & Financial Management

Banking, Investment & Financial Management

Our firm’s Banking, Investment & Financial Management Department takes pride in its responsiveness, efficiency, reliability and diligence in servicing our clients in a cost-effective, time-efficient and highly qualitative manner.

As a Member State of the European Union and Eurozone, the legislative framework that regulates the baking system and investment sector in Cyprus is mainly based on the direct enforceability of EU legislation and the enactment of domestic law based on EU directives. Inter alia, the main statutes that regulate the banking sector are, inter alia, the Business of Credit Institutions Law of 1997 (Law 66(1)/97), the Central Bank of Cyprus Law of 2002 (Law 138(1)/2002), the Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering Activities Law of 2007 (Law 188 (I)/2007), the Investment Services and Regulated Markets Law of 2007 (Law 144/2007), the Consumer Credit Law of 2010 (Law. 106(I)/2010) and many others. Furthermore, the Loan Agreements, as well as any rights and obligations that are derived from any Guarantee Agreements and Mortgage Deeds signed in their context, are governed by the provisions of the Contract Law (Cap. 149) as well as by the wide range of legal principles as established through case law.

Drawing on our experience in the field of banking, investments and financial management, we are able to assist our clients and provide, among others, the following services:


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