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Our unwavering commitment to excellence of advice and services is at the core of our business culture.

KARITZIS LEGAL is a full-service, innovative and forward-thinking Cyprus Law Firm headquartered in Limassol, in the shipping and financial capital of Cyprus, with offices also in Athens, Greece.

 It is composed by an experienced, diligent and dedicated team of dynamic professional lawyers, who deal with most of the areas of common-law based Cypriot Law in its adapted form after the accession of Cyprus into the European Union in 2004.


Shipping & Maritime Law
Ioannis Ttavas

Why Choose Cyprus

Cyprus has one of the largest registered merchant fleets in the world, being at the same time a well-established shipping and ship management center, located

Rafaella Michail

Annual Paid Leave

The matter of the minimum period of paid annual leave that an employee is entitled, is regulated by the Law on Paid Annual Leave, L.

Antria Aristodemou

Tax Residency & the “60-day” Rule

An individual is considered to be tax resident in the Republic of Cyprus provided that he/she was physically present in the Republic of Cyprus for

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