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Our firm’s Inheritance And Succession Department takes pride in its responsiveness, efficiency, reliability and diligence in servicing our clients in a cost-effective, time-efficient and highly qualitative manner.

Inheritance and Succession law in Cyprus is governed both by domestic and EU legislation. As regards the domestic legislative framework, one of the main and most significant enactments is the Wills and Succession Law (Cap. 195), as amended, which contains provisions as to the validity of a will, regulates intestacy as well as issues regarding the declaration of death and domicile. Another significantly important enactment is the Administration of Estates Law (Cap. 189), as amended, which regulates, inter alia, issues regarding the execution of wills and the process of the administration of the estate of deceased persons. Lastly, the Probate (Re-Sealing) Law (Cap. 192) provides for the process of re-sealing, in the Republic of Cyprus, of any grant of probate or letters of administration issued by any Court of the United Kingdom and of the countries of the commonwealth.

As regards the applicable EU Law, Regulation (EU) 650/2012 governs intestacy issues of cross-border character, the right of EU citizens to choose the law of the country of their nationality as the law that will govern their will, as well as the process of issuance of the European Certificate of Succession.

Drawing on our extensive experience in the field of inheritance and succession, we are able to assist our clients and provide, among others, the following services:


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