Tax Residency & the “60-day” Rule

An individual is considered to be tax resident in the Republic of Cyprus provided that he/she was physically present in the Republic of Cyprus for a period exceeding 183 days. However, an individual may opt to become tax resident in the Republic of Cyprus under the “60-day rule”, provided that he/she fulfils the relevant criteria:

(a)        Does not reside in any other country for more than 183 days in aggregate within a tax year;

(b)        Resides or remains in Cyprus for a period of at least 60 days during the tax year;

(c)        Carries out any business and/or is employed in the Republic and/or possess any office in any tax resident person of the Republic of Cyprus for any time during the tax year in question;

(d)        Maintains permanent place of residence in the Republic of Cyprus, either owned or rented.


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