Attending the presentation namely ‘Fleet Performance Monitoring Systems: benefits, challenges and future scenarios’

On the 21st of January 2020, our Advocate Mr. Zacharias Kapsis of the Shipping Department represented A. Karitzis & Associates L.L.C, attending the first monthly event for 2020 organised by the Cyprus Marine Club, of which our firm is a member.

The event took place in New Marina, in Limassol, Cyprus and its topic focused on the Fleet Performance Monitoring Systems. The presentation was conducted by Mr. Giamperio Soncini, CEO at IB Marine.

Mr. Soncini during his presentation pointed out that currently the idea of crewless vessels has become a serious one, from a laughable topic, with large companies and Classification Societies looking deeply and really into it. On the other hand, technology is moving fast and at times it is somewhat pitiful to look into the world of shipping, compared to other similar transportation sectors. However, there are still so many companies reluctant to embrace technology or they show sheer ignorance of the advantages.