The 7 reasons why Cyprus is the ideal place to live and work!

When you’re making the decision to move overseas, it’s so important to make the right choice as to where you’re going to relocate to. There are many factors that come into play, from the climate to the education system. We believe Cyprus is the perfect place to live, a wonderful place to work, to enjoy your leisure time and to raise a family and here are just some of the reasons why…

 1. The perfect climate

Many people cite the weather as a reason for moving overseas. Living in a colder country can become depressing. We long for the sunshine, to spend time outdoors. For those of us who love walking or sports, it makes so much sense to move somewhere with better weather. With over 320 days of sunshine each year, Cyprus is the obvious choice for sun lovers! When you can count on good weather, you can take a stroll along the beach any day you like, it’s so uplifting, it has such great benefits for your mental well-being. The perfect stress reliever. You can start every day with a swim, spend your weekends hiking or enjoying water sports.

 2. All the benefits of an EU member state

Geographically, Cyprus is perfectly placed for ease of access to markets across three continents. Being a member of the EU, as a Cyprus citizen your business can benefit from ease of exportation and visa free travel throughout the EU and to many non-EU countries too. Property restrictions in the Euro Zone have recently been lifted making property ownership even more desirable, and the banking services in Cyprus are all in line with EU regulations making it a high standard system offering a great service.

 3. A legal system you can rely on

When you buy a home in Cyprus you don’t have the worries regarding the legal system and your property purchase as you may have in other countries. The Cyprus legal system is based on UK standards with a very reliable land register. Purchasing property in Cyprus can be done with confidence and the title deed holder is the sole legal owner of the land purchased, offering you perfect peace of mind.

 4. Tax benefits

With a move to Cyprus you’ll also be able to reap the rewards of the tax system. With double tax treaties with more than 40 countries, including the UK, no capital gains tax on profits under 17,088 euros and corporation tax set at just 10% for resident businesses, it’s easy to see how you can save money when you live in Cyprus.

5. A high standard of living

Your overall standard of living is certain to improve when you relocate to Cyprus. The cost of living is much lower than most of the rest of Europe, the USA and Japan.

 6. Amazing facilities

The education system in Cyprus is incredibly good. If you have children you can rest assured that they will receive a high level of education, and if you’re looking for a talented workforce for your business, you won’t have any trouble finding it within the island. The healthcare facilities are also very advanced and technologically impressive. You’ll find the medical staff in Cyprus very highly trained and all speak very good English so you won’t have to worry about communication difficulties.

 7. A low crime rate

Cyprus also has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. The people of Cyprus are friendly and honest. It’s not unusual for people in Cyprus to leave their cars unlocked and their doors open. Crime is so rare here it’s just not something that the Cypriots really worry about.

Find your new life in Cyprus – with our expert guidance

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