A.KARITZIS & ASSOCIATES L.L.C has been continually awarded a significant number of Mondaq’s prizes!

We are glad to announce that A.KARITZIS & ASSOCIATES L.L.C has been continually awarded a significant number of Mondaq’s prizes, since its membership in May 2019!

More precisely, more than 23,000 people have actively read the articles of our Law Firm on Mondaq during the period of the last eight months. Having competed against strong Cyprus challengers, our Law Firm successfully achieved to be awarded 11 separate Mondaq’s prizes, as the ‘Top Contributor Most Read in Cyprus’, ‘The Most Reader Response in Cyprus’ and the firm with ‘Most Popular Articles in Cyprus’.

Mondaq, is one of the largest global advisory content suppliers, which annually publishes thousands of articles from over 80 countries around the world. More specifically, Mondaq is the leading online knowledge resource used by senior decision makers seeking insight from professional services firms.

At the end of every month, for each country, Mondaq analyses which contributing author firms were read the most by their registered business and which articles elicited the most reader response from their registered business readers.

‘Contributor Most Read’ prize is based on the readership of all articles by that firm on that country is included. All readership for this article consists of real, identified individuals and no anonymous readers are included in the conferral of this award.

‘The Most Reader Response’ prize is based on readers who have emailed the contributor as a result of reading the article, gone from the article to the contributor’s website or address details, or provided a qualitative ranking for the article as to how useful they found it.

Our law firm has been awarded for six consecutive months (May – October 2019) as Mondaq’s “Contributor Most Reader Response” in Cyprus, while during the months August, September and December 2019 it has been awarded as Mondaq’s “Contributor Most Read” in Cyprus.

It is of great importance the fact that during the month of January 2020 our article ‘The Prescriptive And Enforcement Jurisdiction Of A Coastal State In Relation To Ship Source Pollution Occurs In Its Exclusive Economic Zone, Ports And Internal Waters’ was the most popular article in Cyprus, while our article ‘GDPR And Cookies: The Impact On Website Administrators’, was the most popular one for August 2019.