Attending the 3rd SAFETY4SEA Limassol Forum

On Tuesday 10th of March 2020, our Advocate Mr. Zacharias Kapsis of the Shipping Department, represented A. Karitzis & Associates L.L.C, attending the 3rd SAFETY4SEA Limassol Forum at the Columbia Venue Centre of Columbia Plaza, Limassol, Cyprus.  

The event focused on the main present and future challenges for shipping industry, equally divided to safety and environmental issues. First presentations touched upon the hot issue of sustainability and green shipping challenges, such as alternative fuels, BWM, fuel management and compliance amid the regulatory tsunami the industry has to face. Human element was also high on the agenda, with a dedicated panel focusing on crew wellness and training challenges. Last but not least, discussions moved to loss prevention challenges and solutions, from onboard risks for crews to losses associated with mega box ships.