Best Delegate Award for our Trainee Lawyer at the ICF

The Model of United Nations (MUN) is a competition organized by the International Festival Career (ICF) in Rome, dedicated to the world of diplomacy, the United Nations and International Organizations.

ICF originated from the family of the RomeMUN one of the biggest and most prestigious UN simulations in Europe. Since its foundation in 2016, the festival greeted more than 7,700 students from 91 countries to the “Eternal City” of Rome.

Participants of the diplomatic simulation had the opportunity to prove themselves against MUNers from all over the world, representing their state while using the tools of bilateral and multilateral diplomacy in order to attain the approval of resolutions and have them pass in their favor.       

We are delighted and proud to announce that our Trainee Lawyer Mrs Eleni C. Louca has won the “Best Delegate Award” (1st  prize), representing the delegation of Canada.

The competition this year had approximately 30 participants/delegates from all around the world.

Mrs Eleni C. Louca had the opportunity, during this competition to gain and expand several skill which, amongst other, include the following :

  • Public Speaking, thanks to the number of official speeches delegates must give during the MUN;
  • The ability to draft official, international documents like position papers and resolutions of the United Nations; 
  • Teamwork and team building by having to work in groups with other delegates to find common solutions;
  • Leadership skills, guiding blocks of nations who share a common position; 
  • Research skills, during the preparatory phase before the conference and during the days of the conference; 
  • Adapting in a multicultural environment given the vast diversity of participants coming from about 100 different countries around the world.