Discover the beauty of Cyprus in Autumn

When do you think is the best time to visit Cyprus? You might choose the summer months for your visit, and of course summer in Cyprus certainly is fantastic, but autumn is actually an even better time to visit. Why? Well, the weather is still lovely and warm, but not so hot that all you want to do is laze around the pool, so you can truly enjoy exploring all the sites of the island. The summer crowds are gone, and the golden colours of Cyprus in autumn are just magical. For anyone who likes walking, natural beauty or photography, Cyprus in autumn is a real paradise.

The best places for stunning autumn scenery

Here are just some of the places you can visit in autumn to experience the most gorgeous autumnal scenes. With rich reds and golden hues, these spots are truly breath-taking…

The Tzielefos Bridge

This photogenic medieval bridge is set on a delightful walking trail within a pine forest. The trail takes in two other stunning bridges so this is a journey that will interest anyone fascinated by architecture. With the fallen red leaves carpeting the ground, you can get some amazing photographs here.

Kalidonia Waterfall Trail

At 12m high, the Kalidonia Waterfall is certainly impressive. There’s a beautiful walk you can take with the falls being the highlight of the trail. Even if you’ve visited the falls before in the spring or summer, a return trip in the autumn is highly recommended.

Platres Village

Head to Platres Village in the Troodos mountains and you’ll be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views. These vistas are impressive all year round, but in autumn, they really are out of this world, a sea of orange and gold as far as the eye can see. 

Platania Forest

The Platania Forest comes alive with colour in the autumn months. This is a great spot to spend the day exploring so remember to take a picnic, or you could even stay at the campsite in the heart of the forest.

Cedar Valley

Cedars are a special tree in Cyprus, and you’ll find plenty of them in Cedar Valley, in the heart of the Paphos forest. There’s a picturesque walk through the valley with some great opportunities to view the cedars as well as golden oaks and some rare birds too.

Enjoy every season in Cyprus

Autumn is particularly beautiful in Cyprus, but then winter is magical and spring and summer are great fun too. It’s hard to choose which season to visit in. But, if you lived in Cyprus, you could enjoy all the island has to offer all year round! Cyprus always welcomes foreign nationals and local residents to enjoy its miracles, and has a lot to offer!