Malicious Prosecution
Entry Permit

Procedure for a Third Country National in order to be employed in Cyprus for an Entry Permit:


logo-miniForms M58 & M64, which need to be signed and stamped by the employer.

logo-miniData pages of the applicants passport showing all personal details which should indicate expiry after the agreed employment period as per his employment contract.

logo-miniOriginal Employment Contract stamped by the Inland Revenue for Stamp Duty.

logo-miniOriginal Criminal Certificate – Translated into English and Apostilled

logo-miniOriginal Medical Blood Results certified by the governmental hospital of Cyprus for Syphilis, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C and Tuberculosis.

logo-miniBank Guarantee (between € 350 & 850 according to the country of origin) issued in the name of the Civil Registry and Migration Department for possible repatriation expenses dated at least one year after the expiration of the Employment Contract.

logo-miniA list of the personnel of the Company including new and old applicants.

logo-miniTax Clearance Certificate of the Company

logo-miniAudited Financial statements of the Companies previous year including the auditor’s report for the company’s viability.

logo-miniFee for each applicant is € 34, 17.


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