Malicious Prosecution
Brexit Vote Sparks Dramatic Increase in Applications for the Acquisition of Cypriot Citizenship by UK Nationals

Driven by the politically and economically uncertain climate generated following UK’s Brexit vote, a great number of UK citizens, and especially businessmen, expressed their interest...

Registration of “illegal” foreigners as citizens of the Republic of Cyprus

According to the Civil Registry Law of 2002 (Law. 141 (I) / 2002) any adult person, having full mental capacity, may apply for registration as...

Submission of Investors Group for Naturalization By Exception

On 7th August 2014 our Law Firm, together with its associates, has submitted to the Ministry of Interior a group of Investors for the acquisition...

Acquiring Citizenship in Cyprus

This article/guide is intended to provide the reader with information about the new policy of the Government on the naturalization of Investors in Cyprus by...

Ministers’ Proposal for Cypriot passports

Filed today in the Cabinet of Ministers a proposal for improving the criteria for naturalization investors. The amount to be reduced to € 2 million...

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