Opening a Business in Cyprus!

Bringing your business to Cyprus certainly comes with a lot of benefits. Your business will of course be a priority to you, but in life we have many priorities and your family and lifestyle will also be a serious concern for you when considering a relocation.

 A great new life for you and your family

Cyprus is a wonderful place to open a business, but it’s also a fantastic island to live in and raise a family. The amazing climate of course will bring you a lot of pleasure, but in Cyprus you also have access to brilliant educational establishments, world class medical facilities and one of the lowest crime rates in all of Europe. You’ll find plenty of great opportunities to spend your free time having fun at award winning beaches, visiting a wealth of historical sites, and of course dining out at the many superb bars and restaurants.

So many benefits for business

When opening a business in Cyprus, you’ll also enjoy a higher standard of living as the tax system is very favourable when compared to other systems within Europe and beyond. Cyprus has a very good and highly regulated banking system, so you can rest assured that your money is in safe hands and expert advice is there should you need it. The Cypriot economy has proven itself to be exceptionally stable with a wide range of industries thriving here from tourism to shipping and professional services.

A prime location

Location wise, Cyprus is in the perfect geographical situation giving you ease of access to three continents. Transport becomes easier when you’re located at a hub such as Cyprus, so whether you’re travelling for business yourself, importing stock or exporting products, you’ll certainly benefit from Cyprus’ idyllic location.

Everything you need for a positive future

Cyprus has a strong infrastructure, great telecommunications and a highly talented, skilled workforce. If you need staff for your business, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect candidates for your positions in Cyprus. Cyprus is a forward thinking and innovative country, always looking for new ways to push forward. From modernising traditional industries, to giving help to start ups, Cyprus supports businesses as it looks towards a bright future.

We’re here to help and guide you

Opening a business in Cyprus is not as complicated as you may imagine. In fact, with the simplicity of the Cyprus Citizenship Scheme, relocating to Cyprus is far easier than moving to many other countries. Here at A. Karitzis & Associates LLC we have all the expertise needed to ensure setting up your new business in Cyprus goes smoothly, quickly and is as stress free as possible. If you’d like more information regarding opening a business in Cyprus, please visit our website.